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And it’s not like manually deleting your browsing history and cache is that hard either. Alternatively, you can ensure that Microsoft Edge launches in InPrivate mode straight off the bat. To do that, long-press the Microsoft Edge shortcut on your Android or iOS device, and then tap New InPrivate Tab. Setting up Microsoft Edge Chromium to load in InPrivate mode by default is quite easy on Windows. All you must do is add a command string to the default file target of the Microsoft Edge shortcut on your desktop.

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You can still use workarounds to set InPrivate browsing as the default in Microsoft Edge Chromium on Windows and macOS. For example, you can download the Chrome browser on iPhone and Windows devices despite it being made by Google and the default browser on Android devices. The user will usually have to download the app themselves via their operating system’s respective app store if they want to use it. It can also be made the default browser for most devices if they so wish. Based on what operating system your device uses, you can activate privacy capabilities through the default web browsers, whether that’s Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple’s Safari.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Now restart your computer and when you click EnableInPrivateBrowsing in edge nothing will happen. Right click the MicrosoftEdge key and create a new key named Privacy.

If needed, you can click/tap on Extensions in the left pane or click/tap on the Back button to go back to Extensions to enable or disable allow in InPrivate for other extensions. What is your reason behind blocking InPrivate Browsing mode in Microsoft Edge?

Also, it would be better if you unpin Edge browser from your taskbar as well as from start menu. The only convenient and recommended way of disabling Microsoft Edge is to change the default browser inside Settings. As I mentioned before, there is no straightforward way of deleting or disabling the Edge permanently. So, you can follow these steps in order to restrict your Edge browser from opening the web content. Before we proceed with disabling Edge, we should make a clear differentiation by what we mean by setting another browser as default dll downloader.

  • Want to disable InPrivate Browsing mode in the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser?
  • InPrivate browsing in Microsoft Edge is similar to Chrome’s Incognito mode, which lets you browse the web without leaving behind browsing history, cookies, etc.
  • Let’s see how the same could be carried out via the Registry Editor.
  • So this was all from this section on how to disable InPrivate browsing in Edge Chromium via Command Prompt.

In case, you try CTRL + SHIFT + N keyboard combination will not work. Windows 10 is packed with a virtual assistant named Cortana. It is very helpful and helps you organize and accomplish your daily routine tasks effectively. However, like all other Microsoft Products, Cortana also used Microsoft Edge as the default browser for carrying out its tasks but you can make it use Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge. After removing Edge from the taskbar, check to see if the browser still runs in the background. Now, look at the right side of the screen where different keys are listed.

Search through them until you find “EnableActiveProbing”. We will make use of the Registry Editor to stop Edge from launching upon the start of your computer. Do note that the registry editor is a powerful tool and changing keys which you have no knowledge about can bring discrepancies in your operating system. On the right pane, select Internet Explorer and click on it. If you would have any other browser installed on your PC, then it would show up that one in the list. All you need to do is to select and different default browser in the list. As in my case, I have selected Firefox as my default browser.

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