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ArangoDB is probably the most popular graph database used today. It was published in 2015 and fits in a number of categories on our site including graph and document databases. Users utilize some kind of non-SQL query language such as AQL, Cypher or Gremlin to retrieve data. There’s no real standard for graph databases as far as queries go, but they can’t use SQL because it doesn’t handle nodes in the same elegant fashion. The free offering allows applications to handle up to 200 million requests per month, 2.5 million read requests per month from DynamoDB Streams and store 25 GB of data.

Most of the paid offerings are scalable depending on application usage. The tool has 41 reviews on G2 Crowd, averaging 3.8 out of 5 stars. Almost all of those, 30 out of 40, are from small-business users. The free and open-source tool functions across platforms and provides drivers for 10-plus languages, including Python, Java and C++. Its core features are indexing, ad hoc querying and high-availability data replication.

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Unlike the common SQL databases, MongoDB is relatively young. It was launched in 2009, but already has more than 30 million downloads, according to its site. Corporations like Expedia, Forbes and MetLife use it to store and manage their sensitive information. SAP HANA, Express Edition — Offers free edition capable of handling 32GB of RAM.

# Mysql

Reviewers cited usage cases for a variety of purposes from managing API metadata to a range of clustering packages. The speed and reliability were recently cited, but many users said it was difficult to use and not well suited for users working with small datasets. Cassandra is an Apache-developed distributed NoSQL database system windows-movie-maker-security-update-vista.down4you.software that’s been around since 2008. It’s believed to be one of the most scalable database options to choose from because it handles data across many commodity servers. Users cited tons of different usages for the tool, ranging from database search to log monitoring.

Users repeatedly cited its querying speed and many lauded its simplicity for use and configuration. Hive is almost a data warehouse, but it has a SQL-like interface to help users query data using the HiveQL language. It’s built atop Apache Hadoop, a big-data processing filesystem. Relational, document and graph databases are three of the more common database types available. But others types include object-oriented, operational, key-value and wide-column databases.

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